Thursday, February 25, 2010


Lady Gaga opening her song "speechless" at MOCA 30th anniversary gala, Los Angeles in November, hat designed by Frank Gehry, piano designed by Damion Hirst, Bolshoi Ballet dancers. A five-minute porduction called "Ballets russes Italian Style (The Shortest Musical You will Never See Again). This was all produced By Francesco Vezzoli. Click HERE.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Check this out! See inside the studios of New York artists:
The Museum of Modern Art, via its hip contemporary outpost in Queens, P.S.1, has entered the futuristic world of online cyber-communities with its new Studio Visit website. Described as a web initiative devoted -- like P.S.1’s forthcoming “Greater New York” exhibition -- to “emerging artists working in the five boroughs and the greater New York area,” the site invites artists to make a “virtual presentation of their studios” via uploaded jpgs and vids. As a result, many of the participants -- an incredible 460 artists are online already -- have posted images of their buildings and workspaces along with shots of their works. The site even includes a map of the city with all the studio locations marked.


The Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation has announced the 30 recipients for 2009 of its $20,000 awards to American contemporary artists in its biennial competition established 32 years ago (and now administered by Artists Space). The winners were selected from a list of more than 400 artists, gathered by nominations by art-world professionals. In addition to considerations of quality and promise of the work, candidates were also evaluated in terms of “timing,” e.g., “the amount of critical or commercial recognition” their careers have received.

Recipients are Derrick Adams (Brooklyn), Diana Al-Hadid (Brooklyn), Dawolu Jabari Anderson (Houston), Lisa Anne Auerbach (Los Angeles), Andrea Bowers (Los Angeles), Tania Bruguera (Chicago), Matthew Buckingham(Brooklyn), Beth Campbell (Brooklyn), David Colosi (Brooklyn), Kate Gilmore(New York), Josephine Halvorson (Brooklyn), Michael Hurwitz (Phialdelphia),Colter Jacobsen (San Francisco), An-My LĂȘ (New York), Judy Linn (New York),Katherine Newbegin (Brooklyn), John Newman (New York), Sarah Oppenheimer (Brooklyn), Ann Pibal (North Bennington, Vt.), Matthias Pliessnig (Philadelphia), Julika Rudelius (Brooklyn), Matt Saunders(Baltimore), Joseph Scanlan (New York), Gedi Sibony (Brooklyn), Dean Snyder (Providence, R.I.), Alison Elizabeth Taylor (Brooklyn), Christopher Taylor (Central Falls, R.I.), Phoebe Washburn (New York), Suara Welitoff(Cambridge) and Joe Zane (Cambridge).

The members of the awards jury were United States Artist project directorAmada Cruz, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art assistant curatorApsara DiQuinzio, Cranbrook Academy director Gerhardt Knodel, Boston Museum of Fine Arts curator Jen Mergel, critic John Perreault, artist Martin Puryear and Yale University School of Art dean Robert Storr.